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What I’m focusing on at BeTravelous travel blog:

I’m somewhere between a fast and a slow traveler. I like to enjoy each country for a minimum of 3 nights each. Still, I spent more than 3 weeks in some countries too. For example, in Italy, Greece, Indonesia, Philippines I stayed for more than 3 weeks. 🙂

I usually travel on a budget, but with a limit of comfort. This means I will always look for cheaper accommodations, but that is nice and in a good location. I usually choose a limit of a maximum of $90 per night, depending on the location. I’m usually very careful with flights though, so I will also give lots of advice on how to easily find cheap flights.

I also like to both meet locals and to visit as many attractions as possible. I usually prefer uncrowded attractions, so I choose to first see the best-hidden gems. Afterward, I choose to see all of the best popular attractions too, because they’re famous for a good reason. I want to share all the tips I have of the places where I’ve been to with you in this blog




Chiang Mai - BeTravelous travel blog
Dubai - BeTravelous travel blog

How I started traveling so much 

The story behind BeTravelous travel blog:

I’ve been a travel addict for as long as I can remember. When I was 13, I had only two countries visited: Italy and Greece. At that time, an old friend of mine, in an argument, told me I will never be able to get out of Europe and travel to more than 2-3 countries, ever. At that moment I knew I am motivated enough to travel as much as I can and to work for my dreams. I started earning my first money when I was 14 with websites. When I was 17, I started working at the same company where I’m working right now too. While working at my usual job, I’m also writing as many posts as I can on my travel blog.

That was the beginning of my travels. When I was 17, I had 4 countries visited, but by the age of 19, I had 25 on my list already. The biggest adventure I’ve had so far was backpacking for three months around 9 Asian countries. This was an unforgettable summer (in 2019) which I will never forget. I learned lots of things in this trip that I want to share with you and also all my tips for the countries that I visited. My dream is to visit at least 100 countries, including all the countries in Europe. I really want to help other people with my advice, so I decided to start my travel blog this way. 🙂

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I’m happy to give any tips from my travels on my travel blog, so if you want to see anything new here, don’t hesitate to contact me, thank you! ❤︎

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